Leah Sarat

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SHPRS Religious Studies Facult
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Asst Professor


Dr. Sarat's work explores the intersection of religion and migration in Mexico and the Southwest Borderlands, with particular attention to the religious and social implications of U.S.-Mexico border policy. She received her PhD in Religion in the Americas from the University of Florida and joined the Religious Studies faculty at ASU in 2010.  Her book, Fire in the Canyon: Religion, Migration, and the Mexican Dream (New York University Press, 2013) centers on the relationship between cross-border migration and Pentecostalism in an indigenous community in central Mexico. 

Currently, Dr. Sarat is researching the role of religion in immigrant detention in Arizona, building upon the work begun during a 2011-2012 Fellowship with ASU's Institute for Humanities Research, "Shielded by the Blood of Christ: Evangelical Migrants in Mexico and the United States.

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religion and immigration, religion in Mexico, U.S.-Mexico border studies, indigenous religions, global Pentecostalism