The School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at ASU is committed to maintaining excellence in the major fields of philosophy and to emphasizing its contemporary relevance as well as to participating in innovative programs that connect philosophy to other areas of inquiry. 

Philosophy Graduate Faculty

Faculty Research Areas 

Ph.D. Program

The newly redesigned Ph.D. in Philosophy features a focus on Practical and Applied Philosophy. Practical Philosophy includes the fields of ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of law, social and political philosophy, and feminist ethics and political philosophy. Applied Philosophy includes both the application of theories developed within any of the sub-disciplines of philosophy to everyday problems or phenomena, as well as the application of research and tools used in other disciplines to understanding and addressing philosophical questions (e.g., experimental philosophy).

Interdisciplinary coursework supporting the student’s thesis project is a component of the PhD program, and there is the opportunity to work with philosophy graduate faculty in our school and in the School of Life Sciences, the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law and others.

M.A. program

ASU has a longstanding and highly respected M.A. program in Philosophy.

Students complete core coursework in epistemology, history, metaphysics and value theory, and  may conduct study within all of the main subfields of philosophy. Students have the option of either the MA with thesis or the MA with writing portfolio.  


Contact Information:

Graduate Coordinator
Office: COOR 3312
Phone: 480-965-5387