Alumni Spotlight: Amy Barthell, 2015


Rachel Bunning

Alumnus Amy Barthell graduated from SHPRS with her bachelor’s degree in history in 2015.

Barthell answered a few questions about her current position, her time with SHPRS and tips for current students.

Tell us a little bit about your current position and you found yourself there.

I am currently a proposal specialist at Insight Enterprises Inc. here in Tempe. I manage business proposals and opportunities, which includes business writing and project management, among other things. I am also the scheduling coordinator for my team. I was actually already employed here while I was still a student, in a different position, but received this promotion soon after graduating from SHPRS.

Growing up, were you always interested in history?

Growing up, I wasn’t just interested in history, I was obsessed with it. History has always been a passion for me. I am a self-described history nerd! When other kids were out playing, I was in the library reading about history, or visiting a museum.

What attracted you to the undergraduate history program at ASU?

I returned to school in my 30s and was already a wife and mother, on top of working full time. I was attracted to the undergraduate history program at ASU for a number of reasons. First, I was able to attend online, yet still receive the same quality of education as attending ASU’s brick and mortar classrooms. Second, I chose history as it is what I am passionate about, and even though I work in corporate America, I wanted to study what I loved and I wanted to study it at a reputable university. ASU’s undergraduate history program fulfilled all of these needs.

Tell us about your time with SHPRS

My experience with SHPRS was amazing. As I was an online student, I was not sure about the level of support I would receive at first. The advisors and professors were amazing and I never felt anything lacking because of it. The level of engagement from the entire department was top notch and the quality and variety of the materials available to me were above and beyond what I expected.

Did SHPRS and your degree help in preparing you for your current position?

It certainly did. While I do not work in a historical field, the abilities I learned are utilized daily. The research and writing skills obtained while earning my degree translate to business writing and research, and even project management. Not to mention the attention to detail required as well.

Was there a defining moment with your academic career?

Honestly, the defining moment for me was graduation. Going to school full time, working full time and taking care of my family was a challenge. A worthy challenge, but definitely a struggle to balance. I attended the CLAS graduation ceremony in person, and it was an amazing experience.

What is the most useful thing you learned that you can still apply today?

Writing skills. My job entails a great number of duties, but the most useful thing that applies from my degree is the ability to word craft and review.

Do you have any tips for current students?

Don’t procrastinate, stay diligent, and enjoy the experience. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to learn. Don’t take it for granted and know you are obtaining skills that will help you for the rest of your life.